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Amazing service!!!!


These guys are amazing with this service its so eazy to get your med card and your meds delivered right to you, i will most definitely be using them again very soon, and again thanks guy for such a great service. Keep up the hard work????????????
P.s. your delivery driver Austin kept me informed on when he would be here and he was very spot on with his timing!!!

@Richard L  - 

Exceptionally excellent


As a first-time out-of-state user I expected nothing but hassles and failed attempts to purchase. Instead I got top quality products at a better price than in my home state delivered to my door exactly as promised. I was left shocked. I have never had better service from any dispensary anywhere . Furthermore any business in any industry that sells stuff on the web delivered should be forced to be schooled by you people. Don't change, you got it down.

@William L  - 
Soylent Greens Reply 07/15/2020
William, thanks so much for the glowing review! We are so glad we were able to meet your needs, and it seems like you really understand and can appreciate what we are trying to accomplish. We will keep providing ???? medications in a safe, patient centric manner for as long as possible!

Yahoo! One less stressor


Thanks to you all we have one less stressor in our old fart lives! It is so nice to have meds delivered to our door with no worry of contact and so so fast!!!!! Who else does that? Can't say enough good about you. Mike is polite and respectful as is Keven . It was really nice he explained he was coming with an intern so as to not freak us out. Welcome Amber! Thanks everybody.

@Dino V  - 

Can't say enough good things


Was able to get my medical card and meds delivered 24 hours after first contact. Everyone was amazing,from Nurse Anne Marie, extremely pleasant and full of knowledge about the products, to the delivery driver who was in constant communication regarding arrival time and paynent methods. I recommend this service to ANYBODY who has even thought about doing this. Very very happy!

@Bryan J  - 
Soylent Greens Reply 06/25/2020
Bryan, thanks so much for taking the time to review our services! We are happy that you were satisfied with the process and products. We will keep trying to do our best to serve you moving forward!

Excellent service


Soylent Greens is very easy to work with and never disappoints. Michael is respectful, helpful, and very accommodating. Highly recommend his company!

@Kathy M  - 

Driver has such a great attitude


Even though I confused him a bit with address...he was gracious, prompt, and forgiving. The quality of the products are top notch. Give them a try. I was glad I did.

@Dawn J  - 

Amazing service Quality bud


Soylent Greens no doubt is the best delivery service I have ever used fast delivery’s always friendly and very caring also fresh bud delicious edibles thanks ✌

@Michelle  - 

Great all around


Excellent communication, provided applepay, great distancing, friendly and good. Voice in products. I will be using again and again...

@KC  - 

1st time user


Great service, quick n easy. Also kept you up to date with delivery

@Danielle  - 
Soylent Greens Reply 04/29/2020
Thanks so much for taking the time to review us! Reach out to us for a discount code for taking the time to complete this review. We appreciate the feedback. Cheers!

Super easy, quick & hassle free for 1st user.


I decided to try Soylent Greens today. I was registered, ordered & had it delivered within an hour! Mike was super easy to deal with & even does COD (which not many internet businesses do) & I agree with all the other good reviews, they are all spot on about Mike & his CO! Will definitely buy from again!!

@Jason Harkins  - 
Soylent Greens Reply 04/26/2020
Thanks for taking the time to complete a review! We certainly appreciate your feedback.

Soylent Greens is 1 of the Best Delivery Caregivers in Maine!


I've tried about 10-15 caregivers in the Southern Maine area. Not only does Mike, the owner of Solyent Greens, knowledgeable about medical cannabis, he has great customer service skills, very friendly, honest and fair! I highly recommend giving Soylent Greens a try! One of the best Caregivers in Southern Maine, in my humble opinion.

@Monique N  - 

Soylent Greens really is the best there me


I’m a medical patient here in Maine, live in the Portland area. I have been using delivery services as well as caregivers for almost 5 years now. Been smoking cannabis for around 16 I’ve tried them all. There is no doubt in my mind that Soylent Greens is the absolute best service to use if your looking for top shelf flower. The reason Soylent Greens is far and away the best choice is because not only does Mike(the owner) grow the best flower I have ever had delivered, but he provides the best customer service as well. He responds immediately when you text him (although now you can just go to website now), he always able to take care of me right away. Sometimes as quickly as a few minutes (like 3 minutes for real). He’s also just happens to be an incredibly nice and chill dude. One as far as the buds themselves...the pictures do not do the bud justice what so over. Most of the strains are too covered in crystals and too sticky to roll with out rubber gloves. So many crystals, sometimes the buds just look like balls of white fuzz

@Dan L  - 
Soylent Greens Reply 08/01/2019
Thanks so much for the wonderful endorsement! Stay happy!

Awesome service!


Great service, always friendly, timing is always good

@ashley perkins  - 


Complements of service and strain

@Pedro G  - 

Best bud around!!!!!


(*as entered on Weed Maps*)
This is the best service by far, Mike is very knowledgeable plus he always gas time to answer any question. The flower is very tasty, sticky, Words cant describe how good everything is,,I promised u youll definitely be happy ,,Enjoy, Mike hes very polite and goes out of his way to make sure u are taken care of ,,,

@nugs2018  - 

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