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A 1:1 ratio of Canuvo's signature THC distillate and CBD extracts.

Canuvo's house-made honey 300 mg in total THC and about 16.5mg per teaspoon of honey. 

Canuvo's house-made peanut butter containing 10mg each and packaged conveniently in a grab and go single serve pouch.

Canuvo's house made THCA Tincture, containing 10mg/1ml serving. Made with a coconut oil base, MCT oil is simpler for the body to process and has been found to ease digestion and promote gut health. Available in 1oz bottle only.

Canuvo's specialty body cream infused with essential oils and full spectrum cannabis extract. Great for aches and pains, arthritis and migraines.

Canuvo's house made CBD pet tincture is formulated to 20:1 CBD/THCA. This tincture will help your pet in dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety.