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This Skywalker Live Resin cart from Seaweed Co. is a heavy indica hybrid whose body effects and heavily sedative qualities make it a great option for patients experiencing pain or insomnia. Skywalker’s beneficial qualities have been used to treat neuropathic pain, severe body pains, appetite problems, and sleep deprivation.

This Orange Zkittles Live Resin Cart from SeaWeed Co. is a unique sativa dominant strain that combines that heady sativa rush with the delicious flavor and feel of a fruity hybrid. It gives a happy elevated high that has a buzz that’s known to be long lasting, perfect for any time of day or night. 

A 1:1 ratio of Canuvo's signature THC distillate and CBD extracts.

A  full spectrum 30mg Canuvo hard candy lollipop in orange. Assorted flavors available daily. .