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Med Certification (Maine...

If you are a Maine resident and don't have a med card, or need a renewal, we are now able to accommodate patients through a partnership with Vetted Cannabis Company. If you'd like to obtain a med card between the hours of 12p -6p M-F , add this item to your cart with an obligation to pay when we get there. DUE TO COVID, WE NEED 24 HOURS NOTICE FOR MED CARDS. WE CAN NO LONGER OFFER THEM SAME DAY. WE WILL HAVE TO CANCEL MED CARD ORDERS THAT DON'T MEET THE 24 HOUR REQUIREMENT. What we need from you: For Renewals: we need a photo image of your old med card, and your valid photo ID texted to 207-332-3964. If it's an initial, we need a photo image of your valid Maine State ID texted to 207-332-3964. We will contact you after that. Vetted Cannabis Company offers free med cards to Veterans. Text us an image of your Veterans ID card, or some proof you are a veteran, in addition to the other document(s) needed, and we remove the fee for the med card. 

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