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Welcome to Soylent Greens’ Canuvo Dispensary Store.
The products on this menu are available for home delivery by Soylent Greens, 7 days per week.
If you’d like to access Canuvo’s full menu visit, or call 207-602-6130.


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White Widow

A notorious and potent sativa-hybrid, White Widow is the sativa every indica lover needs. Absent the sedative qualities of most indicas, this strain has plenty of body-buzz and cerebral to keep you going on days you need a boost. 15.36% THC .08% CBD Cerebral * Creative * Social * Energizing

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The Guice

A customer favorite, The Guice is an indica-hybrid strain that delivers great cerebral and body effects and is great for afternoon or evening use. The Guice is a hybrid cross of Original Glue and Orange Valley OG. 22.47% THC .07% CBD Full Body * Relaxation * Sleep * Pain Relief

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Strawberry AK

A Canuvo specialty, Strawberry AK is a sativa cross between Strawberry Cough and Alien Kush. Great for daytime and social use. Happy * Muscle Spasm Relief * Migraines * Social * Energy

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